UT Center for Industrial Services Certifies New Economic Developers

The University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services (UT CIS) recently graduated the 19th class of its Tennessee Certified Economic Developer (TCED) Program.  This cohort brings the total number of Tennessee certified economic developers to one hundred and eighteen. 

“All of our Tennessee certified economic developers made a serious commitment to achieve this designation,“ said UT CIS Economic Development Director Kim Denton.  “They now will be able to use this in-depth knowledge to benefit their communities and regions.” 

Graduation was held at the IPS Training Center in Nashville. Graduates presented their Capstone Projects, which is the final requirement to achieve the TCEcD designation. TCED candidates completed a week-long Basic Economic Development Course and a series of six core courses pertinent to economic and community development for a total of ninety-two instructional hours.  The TCED Program provides participants with a broad-based knowledge of economic trends, tools and core components required to compete in today’s global economy. The Spring 2024 TCED graduates are: 

  • Joseph Brooks, Claiborne County Mayor.  His Capstone topic was Embracing Evidence Based Programming in County Jails for Workforce Development Within the ECD Model. 
  • Tintin Czach, TCED program director with UT CIS.  Her Capstone topic was The Power of Road Infrastructure: Understanding TDOT's State Industrial Access Program's Vital Role on the Economic Growth of Tennessee. 
  • Amanda Faurbo, assistant to the town administrator in Atoka. Her Capstone topic was Creation of an Industrial Development Board. 
  • Eddie Fitzgerald, loan officer/CDC manager with South Central Development District.  His Capstone topic was Utilizing Revolving Loan Funds to Improve Equitable Lending Practices. 
  • Dr. Matthew Gann, associate vice chancellor for marketing, digital strategy, and public relations with Tennessee Board of Regents. His Capstone topic was Tennessee's Workforce Renaissance: Connecting Higher Education, Economic and Workforce Development Agencies, and Business and Industry to Create Pathways to Economic Growth. 
  • Anissa Ingram, southeast region business development consultant with Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.  Her Capstone topic was Sufficient Industrial Property Supply is the Key to Industrial Economic Development Success. 
  • Dr. Dasha Lundy, Knox County Commissioner. Her Capstone topic was The HBCU's Role in Economic Development. 
  • Terry Malone, business development officer with Dickson County Economic Development Alliance.  Her Capstone topic was Advantages of Issuing PILOTs to Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Properties in Rural and Suburban Areas. 
  • Logan McCoy, vice president of existing industry with Greater Jackson Chamber of Commerce.  His Capstone topic was Importance of an Existing Industry Program in a Region Poised for Significant Growth. 
  • William Rawls, Brownsville City Mayor. His Capstone topic was Workforce Development Used to Reduce Recidivism. 
  • Angela Regitko, Upper Cumberland regional director with the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.  Her Capstone topic was Plateau Partnership Property: A Regional Approach to Economic Development and Unexpected Results. 
  • Shelby Spurgeon, regional sales representative with Personnel Placements, LLC.  Her Capstone topic was Why Regionalism Works. 

New graduates will now be members of the TCED Alumni Group, which provides continuing education and networking opportunities several times throughout the year.


TCED Grads 2024
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