Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing Excellence comes from dedication to leading-edge management and operational practices that keep you ahead of the competition. Our experienced staff is committed to building a thriving manufacturing industry across the entire state of Tennessee.

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Introducing: The Easier Way to Identify New Customers and Suppliers

Connex TN

CONNEX Tennessee is a powerful online manufacturer-supplier database and connectivity platform provided as a no-cost resource for Tennessee manufacturers and suppliers. The platform will combine Tennessee manufacturer and supplier data into a single, accurate, searchable scouting-database to better connect manufacturers, provide supply chain visualizations and display workforce and R&D efforts within a region. This will allow manufacturers and suppliers to quickly visualize supply chain risk, scout for qualified suppliers and discover new business opportunities. 

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Tennessee Manufacturing Data Dashboard The dashboard provides independent and objective data on how Tennessee's manufacturing sector is performing in eight main areas, and helps leaders focus on a few key metrics most important in measuring the sector's economic progress and talent needs.


The University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services houses and manages the only Tennessee Manufacturing Extension Partnership (TMEP) cooperative agreement. The TMEP is part of a National Network of resource centers funded by the Department of Commerce. The MEP National Network's mission is to strengthen and empower U.S. manufacturers. According to clients surveyed in FY 2021, the MEP National Network helped U.S. manufacturers achieve $14.4 billion in new and retained sales, $1.5 billion in cost savings, $5.2 billion in new client investments, and helped to create and retain 125,746 U.S. manufacturing jobs.

MEP Network UT CIS