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The University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services provides consulting solutions to help companies improve and grow. The UT CIS philosophy is to assess the company needs and provide only services that are value added. We utilize the most experienced consultants and most recent technologies. Resources with industry experience and University professors are available through the coordination of CIS Solutions Consultants as needed.

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Help Customers Achieve Their Goals

Written By UT CIS Executive Director, Paul Jennings Over the past few months CIS has been pondering, developing, and revising our mission statement.  Like many such efforts, we went through several iterations, with each…

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5 Pillars of Economic Resiliency: A Guide for Building Resilient Communities

Economic resilience refers to “the ability to withstand, prevent or quickly recover from major disruptions – or shocks – to its underlying economic base – Economic Development Agency (EDA)  In response to the widespread impact…

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Jump Start Your Year with TCED

UT CIS is kicking off another year of quality training with a strong line-up of Tennessee Certified Economic Developer (TCED) courses. These courses are designed to share best practices and trends with Tennessee’s economic…

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Develop Your Leadership with UT CIS

As a manager and team leader, your success is measured by the success and productivity of your team members. Getting your team to perform at a high level is easy, as long as you have the right leadership development courses. Your…

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The Weather has Turned Cold

Written by HazWoper Safety Consultant, Chuck Gluck Every year many employers caution employees to be careful due to ice on the ground (What many media call "black ice"). The hazard is often not seen and workers get injured every…

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Leadership Bedford Uses MBTI to Enhance Leadership Skills

UT CIS was honored to conduct a class for two Leadership Bedford programs, targeting adult and youth leaders throughout the county. The program’s mission is to develop local leaders by equipping them with leadership skills, to…

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