Manufacturing Leadership: Navigating Change in the Face of a Crisis

UT CIS is proud to contribute to the University of Tennessee's Pandemic to Possibilities webinar series. As a part of this free series of 60- to 90-minute live webinars, Manufacturing Leadership: Navigating Change in the Face of a Crisis will be held on Thursday, Nov. 19 at 1:30 – 3 PM (ET). The Pandemic to Possibilities webinars feature University of Tennessee experts and alumni and Tennessee business and nonprofit leaders, and UT CIS looks forward to having its own Tim Waldo and Danny Norman speaking at this event. 


Manufacturing is moving toward a new reality that requires agile and adaptive workplace based on a culture of learning. COVID-19 has accelerated this trend as companies have quickly adapted their operations to improve productivity while keeping their workforce safe. How can manufacturing leaders make sure their workplace has the agility to navigate the relentless pace of change, even in the face of a crisis? This webinar introduces how systems thinking can provide a foundation for sustainable productivity during good and bad times. Presenters discuss system thinking from three perspectives: within the executive leadership team; within the company’s people development systems; and in alignment with Industry 4.0, also called the “Industrial Internet of Things.”

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to empower leaders to create a culture of engagement across an organization through servant leadership
  • How to promote a learning mindset within an organization that engages all team members in problem solving and innovation
  • How to help manage an organization’s internal people development system more effectively by promoting continuous improvement within the system
  • How to assist an organization in exploring and navigating a transition to Industry 4.0 technologies by understanding the system connections within production processes as well as connections to the workforce
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