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Automation Assessments

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Capstone Design


Capstone Design is a two-semester course that engineering students take their senior year.

Game winning tips to power your Baldrige journey


The Business Excellence 101 blog series highlights the many resources available about Baldrige, improving organizational processes and building long-term resilience.

Baldrige Performance Excellence Program Webinar


Please join a webinar to highlight resources from the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program to support you — and manufacturers of all sizes and sectors.

Reluctance to Employ Cobots Driven by Four Common Misconceptions


Collaborative robots are increasingly attractive to manufacturers who require flexible solutions for their growing product mix but may not have the scale of work or capital resources needed to just

IndustryWeek Seeking Manufacturer's Input on Fifth Annual Technology Survey


The evolution of manufacturing continues.

CONNEX™ Tennessee To Launch in June 2022


Launching in June, CONNEX™ Tennessee is a powerful online manufacturer-supplier database and connectivity platform provided as a no-cost resource for Tennessee manufacturers and suppliers.

Strengthening U.S. Manufacturing: Manufacturing USA® and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership


Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Centers can facilitate collaborations with Manufacturing USA institu

Free Webinar: Achieving Inventory Management Excellence


Upcoming Webinar: Achieving Inventory Management Excellence

Fri, April 1, 2022 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CDT

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