Life is too busy!

By Kevin Cooper, UT CIS Solutions Consultant

Work smarter not harder, you’ve probably heard this phrase. Another way to understand this saying is, become less busy, and become more productive. One could argue that many of us exist in a world that tells us that we need to be busy. Look at the way schools and many businesses are established. There is an emphasis on having “stuff” to do at all times. While that style of work might function in a warehouse or assembly line setting, it doesn’t operate optimally in all sectors of an economy. And sadly, this way of thinking tends to bleed into other areas of our daily lives. We take that same mindset of being busy into our weekends and even vacations, sometimes. Not to belabor the point, let’s look at four helpful tools for maximizing our time by being more productive and less busy. These tips are taken from Forbes.

Focus on one thing at a time -- There are a million things that could be done but what is the ONE thing that will deliver the most results. Do that!
Master your calendar -- Scheduling properly can help keep you on track. Forget to-do lists and become a wizard of your calendar instead.

Think SMALLER! -- While keeping big long-term goals is essential, learn to set smaller, accomplishable goals. Goals that could be completed daily.

Eliminate distractions -- The enemy of productivity is distractions. Train yourself to be more present and in the zone with anything you need to accomplish or finish.

We all have some aspects that could use improvement. These tips aren’t exhaustive but a way to start! If you feel that you could benefit from more productive days, then give one or more of these tips a try.

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