Unity One East, Inc.: APEX Accelerator Provides Guidance in SBA Certification and Mentor-Protégé Agreement to Open Doors

Unity One East


Unity One East, Inc., a security services company located in Chattanooga, TN became an APEX Accelerator client in 2020. CEO Walter Lindsey came to the Tennessee APEX Accelerator (previously Tennessee PTAC) to learn more about how to do business with various government agencies.

APEX Accelerator Program Manager Paul Middlebrooks helped Walter understand what information was needed in order to apply for 8(a) certification through the Small Business Administration (SBA). Walter took Paul’s advice to attend the free classes and training opportunities APEX Accelerator holds on a regular basis. He learned the basics of bidding on contracts, best practices for proposal writing, and worked one-on-one with APEX Counselor Jutta Bangs on developing a strong elevator pitch.

Paul Middlebrooks worked with Walter on market research which led to a focus on successfully applying for the GSA Schedule. As counseling continues, the emphasis is on effectively marketing this status to provide added visibility for the company to governmental customers.

Jutta and Paul encouraged Walter to consider looking at the SBA to Mentor Protégé program. Recently Walter was notified that Unity One East, Inc.’s Mentor Protégé application with Metropolitan Security Services has been approved. This partnership as well as the 8(a) status will open more doors and help the company market itself to obtain more contracts.

Walter says, “My time with APEX Accelerator has been very educational. I had always wanted to get into the government space, but I didn’t have a firm understanding of how to do that and what resources I would need once I did. The APEX team was always responsive to my questions. They realized early on that there were things that I didn’t know to ask, and they helped me to better understand the process. Additionally, the team was always willing to connect me with others in my field in hopes of building relationships that could also benefit my company’s growth.”

According to Paul Middlebrooks, “Unity One East, Inc., with Walter Lindsey as the CEO, is one of the fastest growing companies in the security industry. As an SBA 8(a) minority firm, their potential for success is impressive.”

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