Top 5 Reasons to Take a Leadership Course

By Rick Durham, Vital Learning Leadership Essentials Instructor

Leadership is the art of motivating a team to reach a common goal.  Many people underestimate the importance of strong leadership skills.  Here are the top 5 reasons why managers and supervisors should take a leadership course.

  1. Retention of Leaders
    There is high turnover among newly promoted leaders.  Approximately, 60% of new managers fail in their job within the first two years.  Many of us can remember being promoted into our first leadership role because we were strong individual contributors.  Unfortunately, we were never taught to lead our new teams to success.
  2. Nurture Future Leaders
    There is a lack of leadership skills for new managers.  Over 47% of new managers do not receive leadership training.  The skills needed to get success through others are very different than the skills required to succeed individually.  Successful teams need clear communications, constant coaching and regular feedback.
  3. Increase Employee Engagement and Reduce Staff Turnover
    The number one reason people leave a job is because their manager “is a jerk.”  The cost of employee turnover can include recruitment, hours spent training new employees, the cost of the trainer, etc.  So as of 2019, using Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) numbers, if you are above 3.7 percent annually, you have got high turnover in a general sense, but this could be normal for your industry.  Leaders both create and then maintain the culture of the organization.  Without deliberate and consistent use of good leadership skills, this culture can become toxic!
  4. Quality
    Teams are responsible for the quality of services and products.  Customers expect their suppliers to exceed their expectations.  If the team has problems with communication, performs poorly and is filled with conflict it is nearly impossible to have high-quality services and products.  The team quality is often predicted by the quality of the manager.  The successful leader sets clear performance standards, disciplines effectively and resolves conflicts.
  5. Productivity
    By training your managers in effective leadership skills, you can improve the productivity of your teams.  Managers can be consistent in improving their processes, reducing costs, setting goals, and providing performance feedback. 

Are you looking for a learning program that provides the basic leadership skills every manager and supervisor should master?  CIS offers a comprehensive series of 12 leadership classes.  These classes offer skills your leaders will use on a day-to-day basis.  Each course is part of a foundation needed to build and maintain a solid team. View these courses HERE.

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