Technology Acceleration

CIS serves a vital role as a statewide provider of hands-on technical and business assistance supporting the development and competitiveness of manufacturing supply chains. Technology Acceleration projects aid product line development and keep businesses competitive. 
UT CIS is Tennessee's NIST MEP Center and we are your connection to resources to support the improvement of supply chains and development of products.
A focus on understanding the technological needs and trends of specific supply chains, and in turn providing assistance to small manufacturers to help them adopt, adapt, and integrate appropriate technologies into their business is important to the success of Tennessee's manufacturing industry in the competitive global environment.
Technology Scouting is a component of NIST MEP’s Technology Acceleration strategy. Unlike traditional “push” based-technology transfer, pull-based Technology Scouting is intended to search outside normal channels to find solutions for a small manufacturing client’s unmet technology need. Over the past year, NIST MEP has been researching potential Technology Scouting tools and services that help manufacturers access and pull technologies from government laboratories, universities, and private sector sources.


 Technology Acceleration efforts can help:

  • Innovate new products
  • Differentiate services
  • Locate potential funding sources
  • Access research and development entities
  • Add new customers, distributors, and suppliers
  • Identify potential cost savings 

Dwaine Raper

Solutions Consultant Team Leader