Higher Education Day 2024: UT & CIS

As a federally designated land-grant institution, The University of Tennessee system has a three-fold mission of instruction, research and public service.

Responsibility for this third function, in all areas except agriculture, falls to the UT Institute for Public Service (IPS). Through its six agencies, IPS provides consulting and training for Tennessee cities, counties, state government, business and industry, law enforcement and those seeking to learn new languages. The UT Center for Industrial Services (UT CIS) is one of IPS’s six agencies. 

UT CIS proudly provides top-tier support to businesses and communities across Tennessee, and its affiliation with the University of Tennessee (UT) amplifies its ability to deliver exceptional services. This organizational relationship leverages the vast resources, expertise, and innovative research capabilities of UT, fostering a dynamic environment where businesses can thrive. 

“As an agency of the University of Tennessee, the Center for Industrial Services is well-positioned to connect our customers with research and expertise at UT campuses across the state,” says UT CIS Executive Director Paul Jennings.  “This also helps us stay abreast of advancements affecting manufacturing, workforce development, health and safety, and other areas.”  

Access to Cutting-Edge Research and Expertise 

By being part of the University of Tennessee, UT CIS has direct access to cutting-edge research and a wealth of academic expertise. UT's faculty includes leading experts in various fields such as engineering, business, and technology. This access allows UT CIS to offer clients the latest insights and solutions based on current academic research and technological advancements. 

Advanced Training and Development Programs 

The affiliation with UT enables UT CIS to offer advanced training and development programs tailored to the needs of Tennessee’s manufacturers, economic developers, first responders, small businesses and more. These programs, often developed in collaboration with subject matter experts at UT, provide businesses with up-to-date knowledge and skills essential for staying competitive in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. 

Comprehensive Technical Assistance 

UT CIS benefits from UT’s extensive resources, including state-of-the-art laboratories and research facilities. This allows UT CIS to provide comprehensive technical assistance to businesses, helping them solve complex problems, do business with the government, improve processes, and implement innovative solutions. The collaboration ensures that clients receive well-rounded support that combines practical industry experience with university resources. 

As June 6, 2024 is Higher Education Day, we reflect on how the relationship between the Center for Industrial Services, the Institute for Public Service and the University of Tennessee enhances the service capabilities of UT CIS. Through access to academic expertise, advanced training, comprehensive technical assistance, and a focus on economic development, UT CIS is better equipped to serve its customers and contribute to the growth and success of Tennessee’s businesses. 

“I tell our teams that when we talk with manufacturers and community leaders, we’re not just representing CIS, we’re representing the wider University and its extensive capacity to make a positive difference for Tennessee,” says Paul Jennings. 

Danny Norman at AI Panel

Pictured: Dr. Lynn Parker and Dr. Mongi Abidi of UT Knoxville sharing their Artificial Intelligence expertise with UT CIS Advanced Manufacturing Consultant Danny Norman at the Smart Factory Institute panel. 

"I am proud that manufacturers across our state have these global leaders in AI at the University of Tennessee," says Danny Norman of the April 2024 event.