Help Customers Achieve Their Goals

Written By UT CIS Executive Director, Paul Jennings

Over the past few months CIS has been pondering, developing, and revising our mission statement.  Like many such efforts, we went through several iterations, with each iteration getting closer to the heart of CIS.  We pared the wording down over and over until we reached five words that capture our spirit and focus: Help customers achieve their goals.

In everything we do, we want to first understand your goal and then work closely with you to make it happen.  In some cases, your goal may be a small improvement where an onsite assessment or training event is appropriate. In others, your goal may be more transformational, requiring significant time and leading to a new product, system, or career opportunity. And in other instances, your goal may simply be to learn about available resources or enroll in a course. Whatever your goal, we want to help you achieve it.

We view our mission as our highest-level work instruction. Whenever we’re in a situation that’s not entirely clear, our mission to Help customers achieve their goals provides the ultimate guidance.

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