Health, Safety & Emergency Preparedness

Responsible business leaders recognize the critical importance of creating and maintaining a safe, healthy workplace. The costs of healthcare, the treatment of injuries and illnesses and workman's compensation programs continue to rise. Coupled with the additional issues of regulatory sanction and litigation exposure, having a safe workplace and workforce is more than an ethical decision, it is good business. 

Whether your needs lie in employee safety, emergency preparedness or regulatory compliance, UT CIS can help you find the right solutions to meet your goals. Our services include:

  • Compliance inspections and audits
  • Safety committee training and development
  • Confined space assessments and training
  • General safety and OTI Education Center programs
  • Equipment selection and procurement assistance
  • Emergency response, first aid and rescue training
  • Continuity and resilience assessments and assistance
  • Construction safety programs
  • Customized programs to meet specific needs


OSHA Training Institute Education Center

OSHA Training Institute Education Center

A partnership between the University of Tennessee and North Carolina State University, the Southeastern OSHA Training Institute Education Center provides the U.S. Department of Labor OSHA Outreach Training program, OSHA’s primary training for occupational safety and health.

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OSHA Training

Meeting state (TOSHA) and federal (OSHA) requirements reflects a dedication to the health and safety of your employees; UT CIS shares this commitment to Tennessee workers and is pleased to offer “train-the-trainer” courses in construction, general industry, disaster site and maritime.

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HAZWOPER/Hazardous Waste Management

“The use, shipping and disposal of hazardous materials and wastes are highly regulated. Having a well trained workforce to work with these products is essential. UT CIS offers the onsite evaluation, training and procedural advice you need to keep your workers safe and your organization compliant to avoid regulatory penalties”

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Hazardous Waste Management
Health and Safety Solutions

Health and Safety Solutions

Minimize risk of accidents, lost productivity and expensive workers’ compensation claims. The UT Center for Industrial Services can provide a thorough OSHA safety hazard assessment, a noise survey or noise abatement study and an ergonomic study.

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OSHA Training Institute Education Center

Active Shooter Training

A two-day, in-plant training program comprised of three distinct parts, UT CIS’s Active Shooter Response Training consists of employee interviews, a company-specific security assessment of strengths and weaknesses and active shooter/incident management training to prepare your staff.

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Walter Idol

Health & Safety Program Manager 
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Bryan Lane

OSHA Training Institute Program Coordinator
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