Chattanooga Workforce Development

By George Aslinger, UT CIS Solutions Consultant

Unemployment Graph

Workforce availability has been the most frequent challenge expressed by manufacturing companies over the past few years. COVID-19 has caused major swings from near record lows to near record highs in unemployment. Despite significant improvement the last 6 months labor availability and workforce remains a challenge for manufactures in the Chattanooga region. Help wanted signs are prevalent across the community. UT CIS helps organizations improve recruiting and retention through a systemic evaluation of critical human resources processes with a major focus on:

  • Attracting
    • Positive Job postings
    • Expanding the Labor Pool
    • Competitive Wages
    • Robust Onboarding
  • Training
    • Job Modules
    • Standard Work
    • Development / Career Paths
    • Upskilling Trainers
    • Job Coaching
  • Engaging
    • Career Ladders
    • Pay Progression
    • Promotional Opportunities
    • Performance Based Pay
    • Company Growth

This HR Daily Advisor article provides some research on the impact of training and supervisor coaching on employee retention. Call if I can be of assistance.