APEX Accelerator Conference in Chattanooga Provides Valuable Networking and Connections

Tennessee APEX Accelerator Program Manager Paul Middlebrooks and East Tennessee Counselor Jutta Bangs facilitated a training event and panel discussion in Chattanooga in partnership with Tennessee State Representative Yusuf Hakeem in May of this year. The APEX Accelerator team shared a basic overview of government contracting. Panelists described how to do business with their respective organizations and gave insight into best practices for the procurement process. Panelists included representatives from the Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise, EPB, Hamilton County, TDOT and the City of Chattanooga. There were a host of exhibitors and resource partners present to allow for networking and more detailed information. 

Representative Hakeem said, “I am very pleased with the turnout and participation of constituents in learning more about being successful businesspeople and building relationships. Our host and vendors were outstanding in sharing knowledge and understanding.”

According to Jutta Bangs, “APEX Accelerator appreciates the insight provided by the panelists, and thanks all the partner organizations that contributed to the success of the event.”

The event was sponsored by the Bessie Smith Cultural Center, TDOT, EPB, the City of Chattanooga, Hamilton County, the Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise and TVA. Resource partners were the U.S. Small Business Administration, the TSBDC, the East Tennessee Purchasing Association, the Official Chapter of NIOP Diversity Business Alliance and the Urban League of Greater Chattanooga, Inc.

Tennessee APEX Accelerator, formerly PTAC, assists businesses in competing successfully in federal, state, and local government contracting. The University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services has provided these services since 1986. This APEX Accelerator is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the Department of Defense. Tennessee APEX Accelerator services are delivered at no charge. For more information, email APEX@tennessee.edu. 

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