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Does this sound familiar?

“We struggle just to find good employees. When we do find them, we can’t keep them long enough to get them trained!”

Giving Your Team Wings (Even if they don’t play basketball)

Written by Tim Waldo and originally posted on his LinkedIn Blog

Four Tips for Retaining New Associates

Hourly employee turnover cost is 16 percent of their salary. It costs roughly $4,659 to replace a $14/hr employee


Recent Bureau of Labor Statistics reports indicate that the unemployment rate is 3 percent with Tennessee experiencing a monthly average job growth rate of 1.6 percent.

800,000 missing more than their paychecks

Written by Tim Waldo, UT CIS Workforce Development Consultant
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Jobs matter. If you’ve ever been without one, you know the inescapable truth of this. The necessity of making a living obviously includes earning money, but being without a paycheck is only one aspect of the difficulties caused by being out of work.

Career Quest: Region's Largest Career Fair

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