Tennessee PTAC Client Secures DoD Contract

A client of the PTAC at the University of Tennessee has received notification of award of a contract from the Department of Defense (DOD). Front Line Furniture (FLF) is the manufacturer of a bullet-resistant table that can be used in classroom, office, and similar settings to protect innocent persons from active shooters terrorizing their facility. DOD, specifically through the Air Force’s AFWERX program, has contracted with FLF to determine if their product can be adapted to Air Force facilities that may be subject to active shooter incidents.

FLF originally approached PTAC’s Russell Toone to inquire about possible Federal government support for its bullet resistant table. Toone recognized the potential for this project to be funded under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, given its unique and innovative approach to active shooter situations. He connected FLF with Greenwood Consulting Group, Inc. (GCGI), which is under contract with the PTAC to provide SBIR expertise to the PTAC’s clients. Toone and GCGI president Jim Greenwood worked with FLF to identify an opportunity within Air Force’s AFWERX program, and to support FLF’s proposal for funding. Notification of a Phase I award came shortly thereafter, and was finalized during the week of March 9th.

The UT PTAC SBIR/STTR support program is available to small and start-up companies in Tennessee interested in securing these Federal grants and contracts to develop or improve innovative products and services. It is under the leadership of PTAC Program manager Paul Middlebrooks, paul.middlebrooks@tennessee.edu. Russell Toone is the PTAC’s SBIR/STTR specialist, russell.toone@tennessee.edu.

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