Note from the Executive Director

Every Friday, I receive an internal report listing our most recently completed projects. The report summarizes the work we’ve done with manufacturers from one end of Tennessee to the other. 

Our most recent report lists projects in Cybersecurity, Design of Experiments, HAZWOPER, ISO 9001 and 14001, Industrial Hygiene, Lean Manufacturing, Lockout Tagout, OSHA, Six Sigma, Smart Talent Systems, and Tech Driven Market Intelligence.

Receiving the report on Fridays is a great way to end my week.  It leaves me proud of the work we’re doing to help manufacturers; impressed with the breadth and depth of our team’s expertise; and thankful that manufacturers across the state have trusted CIS to provide these services.

I make it a point to think about how the project will affect our customer’s productivity, sales, and safety. Sometimes, I’ll go a little deeper and think how our efforts may make someone’s job a little safer, less stressful, or more interesting.  Having that kind of impact makes me especially proud of our team.

As I’ve mentioned, my Friday report is a great way to end the week.  And what’s fun is that I’ll get another report next Friday.

- Paul Jennings