Made in Tennessee to Relaunch July 2020

We know that Tennessee manufacturers provide good jobs and helpful products.  They contribute to the strength of our communities and are a tremendous source of innovation.

In 2018, approximately 11.45% of the Tennessee's workforce was employed by the manufacturing industry. With such a strong manufacturing community in our state, UT CIS wants to celebrate that community and the individuals who help make it what it is. 

The Made in Tennessee program is UT CIS' effort to just that. Our goal with the program is to advance manufacturers in our state by sharing their unique stories and promoting the quality products that are produced right here in Tennessee. 

The program was created in 2015 and has continued to grow since then. That transformation is attributed to our desire to provide the most value for our participating manufacturers to the best of our abilities. We have been working hard for over the past year to restructure the program so that we can achieve that goal.

Membership in Made in Tennessee is completely free and participating companies will benefit from a free online digital presence. Along with the frequent social media promotion of participating companies, UT CIS hosts the Made in Tennessee online directory at Consumers can search by product, industry or material in this directory in order to support our state's communities and economy.

There are currently over 150 manufacturers that proudly participate in the Made in Tennessee program at UT CIS, and we want to celebrate even more of them! If you are interested in becoming a Made in Tennessee company, email us at, or contact your local Solutions Consultant to learn more. 

The UT CIS team is excited to share this new chapter in the Made in Tennessee story with our partner organizations and the people of Tennessee. Stay tuned for more updates!

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