Delivering Quality Service

The Jackson area realtors recently completed “Delivering Quality Service” led by Audra Pinson and Martha Kelley, CIS Performance Consultants. Class participants enjoyed applying the Disney Service principles to the critical process of buying a house from their customers’ perspectives. It was an interesting time of discovery as they identified service touchpoints in the process and discussed the quality of each touchpoint as it was perceived by the customer. They spent time identifying what the customer really needs and agreed that sometimes they need a little magic to get through the buying and selling process.

When asked what was of greatest value, students commented:

• How to deal with difficult customers while preserving the relationship.
• Learn to say “Thank You” more and to really listen to what customers say and may be trying to say.
• Could have used the Listen, Apologize, Solve, Thanks model a few years ago!
• Learning about the service promises and getting into the customer’s mind set.

The class was referred to the CIS Economic Development Team by Mandy White, former Tennessee Certified Economic Developer Program board member.

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