COVID-19 Manufacturer Recovery Assistance

UT CIS Solutions Consultants are in the process of contacting manufacturers across Tennessee to assess their business conditions and needs during the COVID-19 outbreak. The information provided by assessment participants will help us identify ways that we can provide valuable technical assistance to Tennessee’s manufacturing community. 


To help meet identified needs, UT CIS will use NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) and CARES Act funding to deliver services to manufacturers at no cost to the them.  Potential services could include back-to-work safety planning, supply chain risk mitigation, workforce systems, process improvement, and other topics that address specific company needs. Other examples of technical assistance that we can provide include:

  • Back-to-work safety program planning for proper PPE usage, cleaning procedure, and future infection containment (Learn More)
  • Response preparedness related to an employee testing positive for COVID-19 (Learn More)
  • Supply Chain risk identification and risk mitigation plans 
  • Workforce/ workplace development systems (Learn More)
  • Training Within Industry – Job Instruction, and Job Relations (Learn More)
  • Cybersecurity education and assessments (Learn More)
  • Process improvement and problem solving (Learn More)
  • Quality systems certifications required to enter new markets/industries (Learn More)
  • Industry 4.0 – advanced manufacturing systems integration (Learn More)


Our nine UT CIS Solutions Consultants will contact 1500 small- to medium-sized manufacturers across the state within the coming weeks to conduct free assessments. These assessments will be conducted through brief (30 minute) phone or Zoom conversations.  Participation in this brief discussion will provide insight into how Tennessee’s manufacturing community can recover and thrive through COVID-19.  


As Tennessee’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership, UT CIS has been awarded funding through NIST MEP and the CARES Act to help manufacturers alleviate impacts from COVID-19 and strengthen their resiliency.  Additionally, we are working to strengthen the manufacturing supply chain for items that are in high demand due to COVID-19. 

Please feel free to share this information with other manufacturers or economic development organizations. Find your Solutions Consultant and request more information today.