Fundamentals of Leadership

A customizable training program to help manufacturers prepare current and future leaders

This program is perfect for those just moving into a supervisory role or current managers who wish to reinforce their basic leadership skills.

Taught by industry leaders, experienced coaches and management professionals, the Fundamentals of Leadership & Supervision program provides a platform for participants to explore leadership and management topics in an interactive format using an individualized, practical, real-world, approach to training.

Since your company is unique and your needs may differ from other companies, the Fundamentals of Leadership & Supervision training can be tailored to your specific requirements.

The process starts with individual assessments. These assessment tools help participants establish a baseline by looking at personality types, leadership traits and management styles. Then, a customized program of training, assembled from the topics below can be structured to meet identified needs.

*All customized classes are in-plant, require at least 6 attendees and participants must attend all classes to be awarded certificate of completion.

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Customize A Plan              

With CIS's Fundamentals of Leadership & Supervision program, you have many options to help train your team to meet its specific needs. Explore our proven programs by scrolling down the page.
  Can't find the training you are looking for? We can work with you to develop something more customized for your organization. A full list of available courses is available below.



Step 1  | Form the Foundation

Register for our recommended four foundational courses. These courses are the same regardless of the program you select or the additional courses you register for.

Step 2  |  Pick Your Programs

Select from a variety of courses in categories such as
Foundational topics and Specialized Topics.


The Leadership Plus training program combines Leadership Essentials with additional foundational training focused on problem solving, job relations, quality and continuous improvement.



Step 3  |  Tell Us About Your Organization

Let our trained staff members help you decide what training opportunities your team could benefit from.



UT CIS offers a training program to Environmental Safety and Health Supervisors who are new to the job or have been reassigned to help them improve skills in four essential areas.



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