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Lean and Green Assessment

UT CIS has experienced teams who apply lean analyses to manufacturing operations and identify potential environmental cost-saving opportunities: reduction in use of toxic and/or hazardous materials, reduction in raw materials, reduction in water use, energy conservation, and reduction of solid and hazardous waste generation. We will provide you with the data and assistance to help you complete the Annual Reporting of Hazardous Waste Activities.

Air Emissions Inventory Development

If you are a manufacturer that wants to construct a new facility, modify an existing facility, put in a new process or install new equipment, you may need an air permit. We help you develop a good air emissions inventory, understanding important Title V rules and help you complete fire air quality permits.

This service is an in-plant offering to our industry customers, when we don't provide a training program open to all customers.

OSHA Compliance Audits & Assistance

Developing SPCC plans

To prevent oil discharges in navigable waters, your facility may need an SPCC. The plan is required for industrial, commercial, agricultural or public facilities that use, store, drill for, produce, gather, refine or consume oil or oil products. Whether you have transformers or drummed oil on-site, contact us for help in developing an SPCC plan.

ISO 45001 Audits

Solid and Hazardous Waste Reduction Assessment

ISO 14000/EMS Development

The ISO 14001 environmental management standard is a mandated requirement in the automotive sector if you are a Tier I supplier and has become a significant barrier for new suppliers interested in working with Tier I suppliers or attempting to become one themselves. UT CIS provides EMS training, implementation, auditing, and preparation for registration. The training includes excellent reference materials to help personnel understand EMS elements, the benefits, and the steps necessary to create a successful and compliant system.

Safety culture assessment

Accident investigation

SWPP audits

If it rains on any of your industrial activities, you may need a stormwater permit. There are many industrial sectors with specific requirements. We can help you develop a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPP), help you audit and update your SWPP, help you file permits and provide training on-site.

Email us today at cis@tennessee.edu to learn more about any of these services and how they could benefit your organization.

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