Standardized Work

Lean is a systematic approach to eliminating waste and creating flow within an organization to improve overall customer value. The foundation for success with lean is a problem-solving culture, based on coordinated process improvement and people development. Leaders from manufacturing, to service industries, to medical organizations have benefited from the techniques pioneered by Toyota. This series of classes teaches not only the tools of lean, but also offers proven leadership techniques for implementing lean in your organization, managing culture change, and developing continuous improvement engagement throughout your workforce. This training will assist companies in saving time, money, and precious resources through creating the most efficient team possible. Benefits of implementing these techniques include coaching and developing team members who actively pursue improvement in safety, quality, productivity, and intentional employee engagement.

Standardized Work  is an organizational technique that helps you streamline your workplace. By using this systematic method, you can create a safer, cleaner, and more organized arrangement of the workplace with a specific location for everything. You will learn to eliminate items that are not needed, and you will see lasting productivity improvements from these simple techniques that utliize visual management as a methodology.