EPCRA Tier II Workshop

Morning Session: Industries must file an annual Tier II report by March 1 each year, if the workplace contains an extremely hazardous substance in an amount greater than threshold planning quantities or 10,000 lbs. of an OSHA hazardous substance. In this workshop, industry participants will learn how to:Determine whether you must file the reportGather, quantify, and organize the informationFile accurately with the state and others Lunch is included. This session is available live online.Afternoon Session:The Community and Industrial Emergency Planning (CIEP) afternoon session is free. It will include planning presentations and best practices for Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) members and first responders. The session will:Educate emergency managers and LEPCs on good planningIdentify elements of a good emergency management and response planIdentify activities that all three parties (Industry, LEPCs, and first responders) should undertakeIdentify connections within the counties to develop an effective planExplore how first responder agencies engage the LEPCExplain GÇ£WhatGÇÖs in it for my fire department?GÇ¥Include questions and discussionLunch is included. This session is available live online.

Hours: 6.00
$ 375.00

01/28/2020 - 8:00 AM - 01/28/2020 - 2:00 PM CST

Contact: Jones (Admin), Carol