Training Within Industry (TWI)

By leveraging the role of your supervisors and team leaders, Training Within Industries will help your team identify and solve problems quickly, reduce training times for new employees, help retain current employees and capture the “tribal knowledge” of senior employees, and help supervisors learn how to engage potential conflict situations.

Training Within Industry (TWI)

How stable is your Continuous Improvement Process? Could it be more sustainable? 

Let the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services introduce you to TWI – Training Within Industry. TWI was introduced to manufacturing during WWII to train replacement workers for those who had gone to war. Over the years it has become part of the foundation for continuous improvement activities for large automotive manufacturers.

TWI consists of three separate programs: Job Relations, Job Instruction an Job Methods.

  • Job Relations is designed to help shift the culture towards continuous improvement and to help supervisors deal with the people problems encountered with the change in culture. This program is designed as a tool to help Supervisors develop Leadership skills.
  • Job Instruction training teaches Supervisors how to instruct the people doing the jobs. This training includes explaining to workers why their jobs are important, breaking down the job into logical steps and key points and teaching the correct method of performing a task own their own and following up to insure standard work is enforced.
  • Job Methods wraps up your continuous improvement program by building on the skills of the operators and the first line leaders (team leaders, supervisors, cell leaders…) This program will enhance most team based continuous improvement programs by delivering a high volume of small incremental improvements from individuals.

J - Program :8 hour Agenda 

Day 1 – (4 hours) each class will receive interactive instruction on the selected J-Program. Each participant is required to complete over the next week an application project applying the methods and skills learned, be prepared to present to the class using the prescribed method and to successfully pass a written exam over the process.

Day 2 – (4 hours) each participant will bring a project from their worksite that they can teach to a fellow class participant using the selected method. Each participant will receive feedback on their presentation. After all presentations are complete participants will take a fill in the blank test.