Core Tools

Quality Core Tools

The Quality Core Tools are used during the Product and Process Development phases of New Product Introduction and during certain events such as experienced failure or engineering changes. The core tools are an integral part of the IATF16949:2016 quality management system for the automotive industry. However, the tools can be applied universally across all manufacturing industries to identify defects early, to qualify new processes, and to mitigate process risk. When applied properly, the quality core tools enable robust and reliable designs, reduced process variation, better controlled process changes, defect free product launches, improved customer satisfaction, improved delivery and service, and maximum ROI.

Dwaine Raper

Solutions Consultant Team Leader
(423) 741-4898

Session 1 (two days)

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) & Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

Adopting new product- and process-related tools and methods introduces variables and risk of failure, but better utilization techniques can result in optimal management; with a structured approach via APQP and PPAP, student will improve risk determination and management skills.

Session 2 (one day)

Failure Modes Effect Analysis (FMEA)

A structured approach to discovering potential failures amid existing product or process design, FMEA does not replace but enhances quality engineering with the application of knowledge and experience derived from cross-functional teams contributing review and assessment. 

Session 3 (one day)

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

By analyzing product and process variation with data, and by breaking down relevant statistical output, SPC helps companies achieve better process control, reducing variations throughout, highlighting the importance of measured controls and continually improving production.

Session 4 (one day)

Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)

Effective product and process conformance requires assessment of statistical properties of process measurement systems, best achieved through reliable and accurate MSA; some familiarity with applied statistics and statistical process control will aid students in this session.