Leadership & Supervision Program

Leadership & Supervision Program

Offering a highly individualized, practical approach to leadership

This program is perfect for those about to move into a leadership role or current managers wishing to hone their skills. 

This program allows participants to learn to be effective leaders and to be able to explore leadership and management on-the-job. Program participants will be taught by industry leaders, experienced coaches and management professionals who will cover topics including the fundamentals of leadership, communication, coaching for improved performance, problem solving, health and safety in the workplace, resolving conflicts and more.

Participants must register for all 3 sessions, at a cost of $1,850 per person.



Course Descriptions

This program offers a highly individualized, practical approach to leadership. Course participants will focus on interpersonal skills, quality, and change implementation.  This program provides an individualized, practical, "real-world," approach to supervisory leadership by:

  • Emphasizing essential skills for effective leadership, interpersonal relationships, and workplace dynamics.
  • Providing a pragmatic, innovative, and adaptable approach to leadership development.
  • Combining traditional leadership methods with the latest cutting-edge concepts.
  • Providing smaller classes taught by faculty from a variety of professional backgrounds.
  • Providing a source of professional talent for leadership positions in industry, government, and other organizations.