Tennessee Certified Economic Developer (TCED)

The Tennessee Certified Economic Developer (TCED) Program, administered by the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services (UT CIS), provides high-quality training, continuing education and professional development opportunities to Tennessee's economic and community development practitioners, community leaders and elected officials.

The TCED Program gives participants a broad-based knowledge of economic opportunities and trends, core components and tools required to compete in today’s global economy, with a focus on economic development in Tennessee. Upon completion of the TCED Program and certification requirements, participants are awarded the Tennessee Certified Economic Developer (TCEcD) designation, indicating they have achieved core competency in the principles and practices of economic development in Tennessee.

The TCED Program offers a series of economic development courses in locations across the state. The Tennessee Basic Economic Development Course (TBEDC), an International Economic Development Council (IEDC) certified 24-hour course, is considered the anchor course for the certification program; however, it is not a prerequisite to other course offerings, as courses may be taken in any order. Additional course requirements include six specific subject matter 10-hour core courses (60-total hours) and 8 hours of elective coursework for a total of 92 hours to complete the certification. It is anticipated that participants will complete all TCED core coursework within 2 - 2.5 years.  

The TCED program will allow substitution of other IEDC-accredited Basic Economic Development courses for the TBEDC, and will allow up to two of the remaining six core subject matter courses to be substituted with the IEDC equivalent courses, provided that the equivalent IEDC courses have been completed within three years of beginning TCED program coursework and the participant provides proof of course completion to the TCED Program Director.

TCED Program Overview

In addition to completing the required courses, participants will need to complete a Capstone Project including a written and oral presentation​ which applies knowledge gained in the program. Course offerings are structured such that a TCED candidate can complete certification requirements within a two-year period. To maintain certification, participants must complete a minimum of 48 hours of training over a three-year period.

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TCED - UT Chattanooga MPA Credit Collaboration:
Prospective and current University of Tennessee Chattanooga Master of Public Administration (MPA) students who have completed the TCED program may apply for 6 academic credits to count toward the generalist track's 12-credit elective requirement. Read the full policy here.  

Core Courses Required for TCED Certification

TCED 2-Day Elective Courses

TCED 1-Day Elective Courses

TCED Capstone Course UT CIS

TCED Capstone

One of the definitions of the word "capstone" is a crowning achievement. The TCED final capstone report provides participants with an opportunity to conduct a project which they consider to be the crowning achievement of their Tennessee Certified Economic Developer experience. 

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TCEcD Recertification

TCEcD Recertification is required every three years. Learn more about recertification requirements that focus on continuing education opportunities in economic development. 

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TCED Recertification UT CIS
Economic Development Scholarships

Economic Development Scholarships

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