UTK Seeks Companies to Sponsor Senior Design Projects

The University of Tennessee Knoxville (UTK) department of Integrated Engineering Design is currently seeking companies to sponsor senior design projects. Projects proposed for the IED program should meet a specific need for your company and should involve design, prototyping, and consideration of financial impact. Project categories can include electro-mechanical systems, biomedical systems, aerospace systems, civil/environmental/chemical/manufacturing systems and processes, and application/web/embedded software.

These projects will begin in the Fall 2020 semester and continue through the Spring 2021 semester. 

"We look for authentic back-burner and exploratory projects—ideally with about a 500-600 hour scope, pay-back-period of less than a year and a positive NPV," says Director of UTK's Integrated Engineering Design program, 

Dr. Keith Stanfill.

These project teams are made-up of senior level students from Tickle College of Engineering and Haslam College of Business.  If a company has a product design need that they don’t have internal resources to conduct, this can be a great way to increase their new product development capacity. 

Benefits of being a sponsor of a design project include:

  • Interacting with senior engineering and business students (it’s an 8-month interview)
  • Allowing a co-op student to continue their interaction with your company after they return to campus for coursework
  • Networking with UT faculty in your technical field
  • Pursuing an exploratory project that may pay future dividends
  • Exposing students to company brand and culture
  • Accessing unique UT labs and facilities

Companies can learn more about the UTK Integrated Design program and apply at http://design.utk.edu