Manufacturers' Guide to Cybersecurity

If you’re like most U.S. small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs), you rely heavily on information technology to conduct business. Day-to-day business operations like banking, payroll and purchasing are all conducted over the Internet. Machines on the shop floor are connected to networks and employees use mobile devices to access company information. Have you ever considered how vulnerable your company might be?

While it is not possible for any business to be completely secure, it is possible — and reasonable — to implement a program that balances security with the needs and capabilities of your company.

The Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) has published numerous tools to help guide SMMs in developing a cybersecurity program.

As a first step, download and review the Manufacturers Guide to Cybersecurity for Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers.

For a deeper dive, access the MEP Cybersecurity Assessment tool. After completing the assessment, you will be given an overall score and the ability to review the best/correct answers to each question.

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