How You Can Help

This is a difficult time in which people may feel powerless to help combat COVID-19, but there are things you can do to help protect your community. Please read the information below to learn what items have been deemed critical and how you can get involved.


PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is critical to the protection of healthcare workers, acting as a barrier and therefore controlling exposure to COVID-19. Some of the most fundamental items comprising PPE include gloves, goggles, surgical masks, respirators, protective gowns, and disinfectant. Many of these crucial PPE items are now in short supply due to interruptions in the supply chain, and also from the massive demand as the number of patients infected continues to grow exponentially. 

Numerous medical devices are required to treat the COVID-19 patient and will also fall into short supply (e.g. ventilators). Shortages of necessary PPE and medical devices will continue to pose a significant problem for healthcare workers and patients around the globe. Anyone with production capabilities should carefully consider the manufacture of known designs and development of new designs for the following items:






Medical Supplies


If you are able to produce any of these items, please access this document to ensure you are ready to proceed.  

If you can help in this effort, we ask that you fill out the COVID-19 Critical Supplies Survey. Please contact us if you have any questions about this process or completing the survey.

Your response to this survey will be submitted the U.S. Department of Commerce through NIST-MEP for the purpose of connecting your company to entities responsible for procuring COVID-19 critical supply shortage materials.  Your response will also be submitted the State of Tennessee COVID-19 Unified Command team as a Tennessee company interested in helping to address the shortages.