COVID-19: UT CIS Response

The Coronavirus outbreak has impacted every part of our daily lives, and that does not exclude professional development. We have compiled a list of questions below that we anticipate might be on your mind. In the event that this page does not answer your question or address your concern, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: I need to contact someone at UT CIS, but I cannot reach them through their office phone number. What do I do?

A: Starting Monday, March 23 and ending on April 30, all UT CIS employees will be not be working from their UT office. They will still be working during regular business hours, but they will not be in their usual offices. Employees who are able to do so will be forwarding their office phones to their mobile phones. If, however, you cannot reach that employee, please use the email addresses listed in our team directory to email the employee. 

Q: I have a question but I don't know who to contact at UT CIS to get an answer. Who do I contact?

A: For registration questions, please contact Carol Jones at For all other general inquiries, please email

Q: How do I schedule an in-person meeting with a UT CIS employee?

A: As of 3/18/20, UT CIS employees will not engage in face-to-face interactions. Our employees are still able to meet via Zoom/video conference, phone and email. 

Q: I don't know where to start. How can UT CIS help me and my company?

A: We understand that the Coronavirus has made and will continue to have a big impact on our lives this year. We also understand that some Tennessee businesses may not know where to start in planning a response to the outbreak. Email us today at so that we can start working with you at little to no cost to your organization.

Q: I am an authorized OSHA Outreach trainer and my trainer card is about to expire and I cannot attend the refresher course due to coronavirus-related travel restrictions or OTI Ed Center closings. What should I do? 

A: UT CIS follows the guidelines and policies established by federal and state agencies, including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). If you have a question regarding your OSHA Outreach Trainer authorization, please contact Bryan Lane at

Q: I am due to take my DOT refresher and I cannot attend the refresher course due to coronavirus-related travel restrictions. What should I do?

A: If you have questions regarding a Department of Transportation certification, please contact Chuck Gluck at For questions about HAZWOPER training and certification, please contact Walter Idol at

Q: How do I know if a class has been cancelled?

A: If the UT CIS trainer decides to cancel the training, our registration team will contact each participant listed on the course roster to notify them of the cancellation. Please note that some trainings may be moved online rather than cancelled. This kind of change will also be reported through our Twitter.

Q: I'm registered for a class that has just been cancelled. What do I do?

A: If a class is cancelled, you will receive a refund and payment will be returned in the same format it was received. 

Q: I am unable attend the training for which I am currently registered. Can I get a refund?

A: Yes. We understand that travel may be limited or prohibited for some of our participants, and we will not penalize them for that. Participants who choose to withdraw from a training will receive a 100% refund on any fees paid. Please contact Carol Jones at 615-253-6371 or to withdraw from a training. Please note that you do not have to withdraw if the training has been cancelled by UT CIS.

Q: Does UT CIS currently offer any online trainings?

A: As of 3/17/20, UT CIS can offer  ISO 14001 Internal Auditor training via video conferencing. We are currently reviewing all of our trainings to see which courses we can also offer online. We will add any additional trainings to this page as they are identified.

Please let us know of any topics of interest, and what your biggest needs are during this time, so that we can understand what issues COVID-19 is causing for you.

Q: What is UT CIS doing to help minimize potential virus exposure?

A: UT CIS main priorities are to protect ourselves and each other, protect our customers and be good citizens.  We intend to follow recommendations made by federal and state public health officials with regard to meetings, gatherings and classes, and we will work quickly to communicate training and counseling changes that occur. Additionally, we are taking the following precautions:

  • We continue to educate our employees in healthy best practices
  • For small training sessions that aren’t cancelled, we will provide a box lunch rather than a buffet lunch
  • Every Monday our training team will review the status of courses occurring in the next 2-3 weeks, and we will communicate any changes as quickly as possible via our website and social media accounts
  • We are identifying services and trainings that we can provide via video conferencing or telephone